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Crosses, Bible personalities, historical descriptions, more. Searchable!

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897th HAM Ordnance
Commemorative site for the 897th Heavy Automotive Maintenance Company, 1941-1945. Lots of WWII photos, especially from stateside training sites.
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Upstate NY Weather
View the Gocek webcam and other webcams around upstate New York, plus weather, traffic and 9-1-1 information.
Ticket Scam info
Educating consumers about the known types of ticket scams.
Leave comments about your ticketing and scalping experiences.
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Elapsed time, financial calculator, football pool, lines of code, recipe manager, XML-safe encryption, Visual Studio doc.
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Selfies bad? Web sites good? (Tue, 25 Mar 2014 12:00:00 GMT)
I was tempted to write some sort of rant about people who post selfies on Facebook. Then I remembered I maintain an elaborate web site dedicated to, well, me and my interests. Certainly, I say good things about other people, but still, it’s mostly about me, even if slightly more camouflaged than a selfie. It’s about my great struggle to optimize my search engine performance. It always shocks me that a guy who owns gocek.org, .net and .com can’t get a top 10 rank.

The pope is a good papist (Fri, 12 Jul 2013 12:00:00 GMT)
Pope Francis this month cleared two former popes for sainthood: John XXIII (even though he has not been credited with the traditionally required second miracle) and John Paul II (on track to be canonized eight years after his death, beating the former fast-track record of 27 years for the canonization of Opus Dei founder Josemaria Escriva). So then, why these divergences from tradition? If sainthood is important, which is clearly the position of the Roman Catholic church, isn’t the process important? Regardless of Francis’ authority to make these adjustments, why adjust this process for these men? Are they just that saintly, or are do they get extra points for having been popes? I do not accuse Francis of trying to set himself up for sainthood, but what’s the rush for John and John Paul? John simply doesn’t have that second miracle, and John Paul left a legacy of sex-abuse coverups and Vatican scandal. I’m not saying John and John Paul would not eventually deserve sainthood, but one more time, why are they so special? If the traditional canonization process is flawed, then should all traditions be adjusted? Will we soon see women priests, same-sex marriages and birth control? Or, just more sainted popes?